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  • Disbanding the POSSE

    For the past several years I’ve been POSSE-ing. In Indieweb terms that means to publish content on my own site and syndicate it to other platforms. I’ve decided I’m going to discontinue using automation in favor of manually writing posts for each of the platforms I want to post to. I’m doing this for 3…

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  • Matthias Ott’s typical day

    Matthias Ott: I envy people like Sara Soueidan or Dan Mall who get up really early to do creative, meaningful work in the calmer morning hours before the busyness of the day kicks off. And although I’ve always been a night owl, I am currently starting to enjoy going to bed and getting up a…

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  • Sara Soueidan’s typical day

    Sara Soueidan, who was tagged by Dan, whom I tagged: I think of day and time management in terms of blocks. Or, chunks of time, so to speak. I divide my day into “activity blocks” that are then distributed to occupy different time slots across the day. Her post is a must-read even if you haven’t been following along…

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