Sara Soueidan’s typical day

Sara Soueidan, who was tagged by Dan, whom I tagged:

I think of day and time management in terms of blocks. Or, chunks of time, so to speak. I divide my day into “activity blocks” that are then distributed to occupy different time slots across the day.

Her post is a must-read even if you haven’t been following along with these “typical day” posts.

This bit hit pretty hard:

5:30am–7:30am[Creative block] This can be anything I am inclined to do, as long as it’s meaningful work — “work that contributes to your legacy, helps you advance your career, expands your skill set, etc.… When you finish such work, you have the satisfying feeling of time well spent and a job well done.” (Jocelyn K. Glei, Unsubscribe)

“Work that contributes to your legacy”. Wow. I have a bunch of projects that are sitting on the shelf. Some half-started, others half-finished. I would love to dedicate a meaningful amount of time to getting projects out into the world that will impact my legacy.

Thanks to Sara for putting so much thought into her post.

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