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  • What I saw somewhat recently #97: November 22, 2022

    Enjoying a martini and Leon Bridge’s Tiny Desk concert There aren’t enough links in the world to describe the amount of information I’ve been ingesting lately. The Twitter takeover, the FTX fraud, the hacking of FTX, and the crypto winter. All while maintaining my steady diet of whacky ephemera and art inspiration topped with a…

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  • The predatory communities of crypto

    Molly White: Crypto, when it comes down to it, relies on greater fools. As assets without any intrinsic value, the way to make money from crypto is to find a greater fool who will buy your assets from you at a higher price.  Molly White (who I’ve linked to before) has been on a crusade against…

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  • Web3 is going just great

    Readers of my blog may already be familiar with my thoughts on crypto and NFTs. To reiterate, in short; I’m bullish on blockchain, so-so on Bitcoin, looking closely at Ethereum, and skeptical about the longterm benefits of NFTs (though I think they could be a useful technology). If I had to summarize my opinion on…

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