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  • Introducing the Micro.blog Posting Bookmarklet

    Recently there was a discussion on Micro.blog about having a bookmarklet that made it simple to post a link to a page you were viewing. And while there are solutions and workarounds, I didn’t see that there was a standard bookmarklet to do this. So now there is. The Micro.blog Posting Bookmarklet does two simple…

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  • I’m releasing some code projects

    When I first started hacking away at a computer (sometime just after the first Jurassic Park film was released in theaters), and ultimately hacking away on the web, people would release small projects for others to use. Single-use scripts, small applications, design files for a specific niche, and proofs-of-concept that you could download and use…

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  • Documentation by Stack Overflow

    Kevin Montrose of Stack Overflow explaining Documentation: Documentation is community-curated, example-focused developer documentation, based on the principles of Stack Overflow. A natural extension to Stack Overflow and a welcome one. I should likely make this my homepage.

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