Introducing the Posting Bookmarklet

Recently there was a discussion on about having a bookmarklet that made it simple to post a link to a page you were viewing. And while there are solutions and workarounds, I didn’t see that there was a standard bookmarklet to do this.

So now there is.

The Posting Bookmarklet does two simple things. If you’re viewing a webpage, say this blog post you’re reading now, and you’d like to post a link to it – you can click the bookmarklet and it will write the appropriate Markdown to do so. If you have selected some text on the page and you click the bookmarklet, it will write the appropriate Markdown to quote the page.

It is, of course, open source and I hope as people use it there will be contributions on how to improve it to include things like videos and images and the like. Until then, perhaps this will help for those that wanted it.

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