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  • Thoughts on Apple’s March 2019 Media Event

    I’m writing this for posterity’s sake. For my own recollection. So please feel free to skip the reading of this post. I can’t imagine the amount of money or resources Apple has invested to get to the point where they were able to announce all of those services in a single day.

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  • Wishes for Apple’s Fall Media Event

    On Tuesday Apple is holding its Fall Media Event. Thanks to a rogue Apple employee, who I can only imagine is packing their personal affects as I type this, the rumor mill has been working overtime and it appears as though we “know” just about every detail one could imagine prior to this event short…

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  • Amazon Prime on Apple TV

    Peter Kafka at Recode: The tech giants, who are increasingly competing for customers’ time, eyeballs and money, are close to an agreement to bring an Amazon video app to Apple’s Apple TV set-top box, according to people familiar with the two companies. Recently we’ve begun renting movies on Amazon Prime instead of iTunes via Apple…

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