Hello Hubbub – I’m joining NerdPress

After a few extremely busy weeks full of rewarding and fast paced work, I’m happy to announce that I’m joining NerdPress as Senior Product Manager. We’ve acquired Grow Social from Mediavine, renamed it Hubbub, and we plan to invest in improving this popular WordPress plugin.

The Hubbub logo

Hubbub comes in two flavors; Lite and Pro. Hubbub Lite is available via the WordPress Plugin Directory and Hubbub Pro is available via our website.

Both variations of the plugin offer a suite of tools for making it easy for website visitors to share your website’s content on their favorite social networks. The Pro version of the plugin extends that featureset by including a few additional networks and also pulling in some statistics to let you know how your content is doing across the web.

We plan on expanding the current set of features in both Lite and Pro and I’m very excited to say that we’ll be adding platforms on the open web as well.

We have a lot of plans and a lot of work to do. I’m very grateful to Andrew Wilder and the entire NerdPress team for welcoming me into their super awesome company to spearhead this effort. Follow along!

You can follow Hubbub across the web: @morehubbub@mastodon.social, @morehubbub on X, @morehubbub on Facebook, etc.

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