Austin Mann’s iPhone 14 Pro camera review

As usual, Austin Mann’s review of the latest iPhone camera system is excellent. Be sure to give it a read.

In the review, he mentions something I’ve been wanting on iPhone for a long time; Night mode.

Night mode with all-red display: After seeing the all-red Night mode on the new Apple Watch Ultra, I can’t help but wish for this same feature on iPhone. It’d be useful in all kinds of low-light scenarios, but especially when protecting your night vision while working to photograph stars.

For those unaware, red light doesn’t cause your pupils to dilate as much as other hues. This is why astronomers use red lights in their observatories. It is also why black and white film emulsions aren’t red light sensitive, giving printers the ability to have some light while working in the darkroom.

As a darkroom printer myself, I desire a “night mode” on the iPhone. If I owned the iPhone 14 Pro sporting an “always on” display, that desire would only grow stronger. Maybe Apple will listen to Mann.

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