What I saw somewhat recently #96: September 9, 2022

A road leads through green fields of grass.

The end of a dry, busy summer

Three months is a long time to go, even for me, without publishing a post in this series of links. But this summer has been extraordinarily busy at work - in a way that consumed a lot of my creative and just overall energies. But of course, I've managed to scrawl a note here and there of things I'd like to link to in this, the 96th edition of the series.

  • Haruki Murakami - Earlier this year enjoyed one of Murakami's books but I wanted to point out the good website he has. Besides the homepage, I do not understand the scroll jacking trend and I reject it outright.

  • The Modern House - I've been enjoying being subscribed to TMH via RSS for a few months. Great inspiration for our home living.

  • Prolific Portfolios - Some good portfolio and work inspiration curated by the prolific Chia Amisola.

  • Sandwiches of History - What does that sandwich recipe from a 1912 seaside village taste like? Barry Enderwick will make you one and let you know.

  • Nami Sato - Sound artist from Sendai Japan.

  • Typewriter Art - James Cook specializes in detailed art pieces made only with a typewriter.

  • Wikipedia Recent Changes Map - See, in near realtime, edits to Wikipedia on a map.

  • Freddie Aguilar - What a voice. Some other music worth digging into Shin Joong Hyun, M83, King Sunny Ade, and King Creosote.

  • Throat Singing - Speaking of music, throat singing.

  • James Scholz - A live/life streamer that garners hundreds of thousands of views by allowing people to "study with him" for 12 hour stints. Seemingly retired. But lots to study here. No pun intended.