What I saw somewhat recently #95: June 16, 2022

My point of view while sitting inside a hollowed out building turned into a space to eat, drink and listen to music. Blue skies, brick walls, people sitting at tables under umbrellas.

A recent watering hole

It has been over a month since I posted a list of a links. I've been very busy lately. In some ways that's good, in other ways not so good. But, do you know what is always good? Links!

  • High school Yearbooks - Curated by Veronica Kraus.
  • You Are Here - Cinemagraph-esque animations by Molly Haig.
  • Jurassic Park w/ a Cat - How had I not seen this until recently? Very well done.
  • Crowded Fields - Composite images by Pelle Cass.
  • Relisten - Powered by Archive.org and a few other audio archiving services, you can listen to a bunch of live recordings of concerts. Created by Daniel Saewitz and Alec Gorge.
  • Dune work - A beautiful set of images from Brian David Stevens.
  • Like Like - This one is big, and I might make this a post all its own, it is a great way to browse Twitter.
  • Inventors - A PBS Series on people who invent things. Great little video vignettes of creative people that include portraits of each. All by photographer David Friedman. I wish there were more.
  • Web5 - The team at Block (née Square) are positing some ideas for a decentralized web. This topic isn't going to go away. I need more time to sit with it (and other competing ideas) before I form a solid opinion.
  • Martijn Doolaard - I first found Martijn's series of biking videos. He's now renovating two small cabins in the Italian alps.