Datafilm – Log your film photo EXIF data

Today I stumbled across Datafilm, a free iOS app for film photographers to log their photo EXIF data on the go, via Japan Camera Hunter’s blog. The app is being made by Vincent Tantardini.

Datafilm describes itself this way:

Datafilm is the note app designed for film photographers, focused on simplicity, ease of use and user experience. Keep track of your settings & improve your practice now.

So, why would you use this? Well – I’m the type of person that likes to write EXIF data directly to the film scans I make. I detailed this process in this post a bit. When I look at my JPG files on my computer, I can see what camera, film stock, and geo-location the photo was made with.

This task isn’t easy and takes a fair amount of time. It would be much easier if this could be done at the moment of capture. I don’t know if I would use this app in every situation – but I can definitely see the value in having it handy.

One note to the developer; the app starts off asking you to add “films”. I would rename this to “rolls”. Each roll of film is kept separate so that you can have multiple rolls going at the same time (which makes sense). But the word films confused me at first.

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