What I saw somewhat recently #84: July 23, 2021

Mine water bubbles up from the earth

Long week this week. Perhaps a long month. The above photo is about a mile upstream on the creek that edges our property where frigid mine water spills out. It is both cool and clear and runs all year long.

Enjoy this week's links.

  • JPEG XL - Looks like a promising standard to improve JPEG and have broader support than Apple's HEIC.
  • Ding! - A satisfying coin brick from Mario.
  • This is Me - Behind the scenes rehearsal of the hit song from The Greatest Showman. I only wish I could be as good at anything that I do - or as convicted - as Keala Settle.
  • Lightning selfie - Some young people riding their bikes took a selfie the moment lightning hit them. Hindsight is 20/20 but never hang out under a tree in a storm!
  • This tweet about sleeping - I feel this.
  • McCartney 3, 2, 1 - Paul McCartney and Rick Rubin chat and listen to music for a few hours. Do I need to say anything more? via Jack Dorsey. Side note: Hulu has no way of linking people directly to the show?
  • Lora Webb Nichols's work in The New Yorker - I must link to all things Lora Webb Nichols.
  • Weather Strip - A pretty cool way to visualize a ton of weather data.