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Here is a tip for subscribing to new blogs in the middle of a NetNewsWire session.

If you are like me (and, lord I hope for your sake you aren’t) then you are stickler for your unread count and you read nearly every single post in NetNewsWire.

Because of this anxiety-inducing anal retentiveness I generally do not subscribe to new blogs until I’ve zeroed out my unread count.

Why? Because when you add a feed to NNW the app goes out and collects all of the posts in that feed and adds them to your “stream”. Which completely throws this meticulous digital hoarder for a loop. It is sort of like blindfolding me and spinning me around 12 times and asking me to walk in a straight line.

NNW also fetches unread articles every single time you start the application, rather than waiting until you’ve kindly asked it to, but that is something I’ve complained about for far too long and I’m going to just stop beating this horse.

So this is what I do… NNW has a nice feature where you can “Mark All Above As Read”. This way, I’ve successfully zeroed out my unread count up until the point I subscribed to the new blog. Then I add the feed to my subscriptions and it doesn’t blow me out of the water like Mancuso’s famous move against the V. K. Konovalov in The Hunt for Red October.

Now you know.

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