But she’s a girl on Johnny.Decimal

But she’s a girl…:

Things were scattered all over the place, randomly distributed among badly-named folders, and often duplicated. It took my several days of chipping away at it in spare moments to get it all organised, but I feel immensely better for it.

She’s doing better than I am. I gave it a try after I said I would. And while I think it can work well for my documents, it just doesn’t work for all of my files. Media, Documents, Code – these all need to have their own respective places. So I simply couldn’t get Johnny.Decimal to work for my needs – even after trying to extend the system in a variety of ways.

By the way, it shouldn’t surprise me that @bsag got this under control when I couldn’t because she also wrangled Obsidian into submission. By the way, now that the Obsidian mobile apps are making progress I see myself giving that a try again too.

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