Mark Jardine on making simple things

Mark Jardine:

I’ve noticed that when I successfully create something simple, I want to make more things as opposed to failing at something complicated.

Since January I’ve been spending little bits of time here and there on my projects. Back then I stated it was to join in the fun of releasing small things, rather than waiting to just release bigger things. And Mark’s tweet reminded me of another reason that I’m doing these projects. Because getting an idea out of my head and out into the world gives me momentum.

Momentum in releasing things, be them posts on my blog or photos in my portfolio or code projects, is huge for me. I feel so much better emotionally getting all of these things out of my head.

As an aside: I have a new project I hope to release next week. It is a dead simple HTML template for showing a family tree. I’ve been working on it here and there for a family project I’ve been working on and I thought I should just put it here on my site so others can make one of their own if they’d like. See, fun! Momentum!

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