Look at less photos

Look at less photos, but look at each one with more intent.

Given the accessibility of photography I can quickly look at 1,000 images from other photographers in a single sitting and not remember one of them. By slowing down some, with intent, I have found that I enjoy the photos more and I learn more.

Some ways to do this:

  • subscribe to RSS feeds
  • use social apps less
  • cull following count
  • mute Instagram Stories
  • sit down with a book
  • focus on photography made decades ago rather than today
  • subscribe to email newsletters
  • visit museums
  • watch documentaries

I’ve soaked up every single bit of photography-related information I could possibly find over the last few years. I devour it. Hoping that somehow the more I jam into my head the more that will be in there to recall. This strategy may have served me well up to a point. But now I need to go deep instead of wide. I’d rather stare at one photograph for an hour than 3,600 for a second each.

Do you have any tips to help slow me down and be more intentional in my seeing?

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