Link priority

I have linked to what must be millions of things. I share a lot of links from here on my blog. I have linked to hundreds of artists from The Watercolor Gallery. And on social media I have linked to and retweeted countless times. I take linking very seriously.

I have a sort of link prioritization process I go through when I am trying to determine where a link should go.

Linking toFirstSecondThird
A personTheir personal URLTwitterOther social network
An appThe app's URLThe developer's URL for the appApp Store URL
A news storyThe original breaker of the newsA position piece related to the news
A productThe manufacture/creator's URLThe suggested retail URLAmazon
A piece of artThe artist's personal URLThe artist's main social network post for the pieceA third-party showcasing the work
A podcast/episodeThe podcast's domain URL for the show/episodeThe podcast host web URL (E.g. Podbean)A podcatcher URL (E.g. Pocket Casts)

You get the idea.

In addition to the prioritization of where a link should go I also make great effort to include real full names and all credit possible to the appropriate parties. It is sometimes very hard or impossible. There have been times that I have chosen not to link to a piece of art because I simply could not find the original artist.

I don't know why I wrote this down.