Photos Takeout

Photos Takeout (no doubt a play on the name of Google's own Takeout data service):

Export photos and videos from Photos on Mac in yearwise, album-wise or moment/date-wise folders. Save them in neat folders on Mac, Google Drive, Dropbox, external drive or any other location. For macOS Big Sur, Catalina, Mojave and High Sierra.

A recent commenter on a post I wrote about Photos back in 2018 recommended this app for exporting libraries from Apple's bundled library format. In that post I argued that Apple's way of storing photos, and their metadata, is not a good longterm solution.

I've since done all of this manually and moved away from allowing Photos for Mac to manage the structure and metadata of my photo library - opting for my own system and using Photos as a "viewer and sorter" of that library.

The pricing options of this app would have meant a $60 fee to move my photos and metadata at the time. If this app works as advertised, I would have paid that without question. I'm sharing it today in case any of you would like to move away from allowing Photos to choose how to store your images.