Unmark chosen for GitHub’s Archive Program

Unmark, the open source bookmarking app that you can use for free on our hosted service or grab your own copy on GitHub, was selected to be included in GitHub’s Archive Program.

GitHub describes this program’s purpose “The mission of the GitHub Archive Program is to preserve open source software for future generations.”

This happened in February (I didn’t see it at the time). The requisites are:

The snapshot will include every repo with any commits between the announcement at GitHub Universe on November 13th and 02/02/2020, every repo with at least 1 star and any commits from the year before the snapshot (02/03/2019 – 02/02/2020), and every repo with at least 250 stars.

With over 1,300 stars on GitHub, Unmark meets these qualifications quite handily. Not to mention the several releases we’ve done within that window.

The entire reason we open sourced Unmark was because we wanted it to live on beyond the life of our company (which turned out to be the right course to take). Even today, if Unmark were to only exist on the merits of the revenue it generates, it would have died a long time ago. In fact, it likely exists only to make Kyle and I happy because we use it every single day. However, as it stands, there are hundreds (if not thousands?) of people that either use it on our hosted service or on their own domains or locally on their computer.

I’m super happy that GitHub is making these snapshots so that our little app can live on for a long time.

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