A new theme for my site

Update December 10, 2020: I tried. And I’ve now reverted.

For the last several years I’ve been using a customized version of the Davis theme by Anders Norén. I started using the theme right out of the box and slowly customized it to my needs as I had time to do so. And for that entire time it worked very well for me.

However, I’ve been ready for a change. So I went back to Anders’ site to see what else he had that I could use to start from. So I found Koji, the theme that is currently running on my site. I’ve already spent a bit of time customizing a few things – such as showing photo counts on the image posts, showing the first photo (rather than featured photos since I don’t use that WordPress feature), showing my status posts in a different way, etc. I still have a laundry list of things I need to tweak (such as the homepage) but I’ll get to that list as I have time.

One big addition that I’d like to make to my website is to build a completely new area to showcase my photography portfolio that is wholly separate from the image posts I have right now. It would be something much more akin to a photographer’s portfolio that is project oriented. And, I may even add the ability to purchase handmade prints.

Expect my site to be constantly receiving small little updates over the coming months but it feels really good to have something fresh.

I recommend checking out Anders’ work.

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