Marcus Peddle on using film or digital

Marcus Peddle, remarking on making Jim Grey’s aforementioned list of film photography blogs:

I’m honoured, but slightly embarrassed because most of my photography these days is digital. Still, a photo is a photo, right? I hope you won’t be disappointed by the paucity of film photographs if you came to this website by following the link from Jim’s list.

I understand Marcus’ humble acknowledgement here but it is crappy that anyone should defend what they choose to shoot photos with. A photographer should be able to use whatever tool she/he would prefer to use for any given project or at any given moment and they should never have to apologize for it.

His point is more so that he made a list of film photography blogs and isn’t sharing much about film photography lately. But, you can still read between the lines when he says “a photo is a photo, right?”. Right!!

Personally I use a myriad of “cameras”. A incomplete list of cameras that I currently use regularly are a drone, my iPhone, the Canon AE-1 Program, my now 14 year old Canon Digital Rebel XTi DSLR, an ancient Ansco Speedex, paper negatives shoved into just about any contraption I can find, MY BEDROOM, point and shoot cameras, and many many many more.

I hope everyone on that excellent film photography blog list does the same and shares what they make.

I need to share more photos and will soon.

    I’m pretty relaxed on what I consider to be a “film photography blog.” Some are hardcore, all gear reviews all the time; others are general blogs with some film photographs from time to time. As long as film is part of the picture, it can be on my list. Reason why I started this list (in 2014!) is because there was a time when we weren’t sure film photography had a future and this was my little way of saying, “Um, yes it does.” It also helps we film photographers find each other! But as you look at my blog you’ll find plenty of digital photographs as well. My Canon S95 is a my workhorse, and I have a Pentax K10D DSLR that gets occasional exercise.

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