Apple needs to replace the keyboard on all MacBooks this year

John Gruber:

Even if they ship a truly new, reliable keyboard this summer (which I think they will, because if they don’t, it means they’re in deep denial of a huge problem), how long will it take for that new keyboard to roll out across the entire MacBook line? Even if Apple is on the case, hard at work on a new keyboard, there are likely to be brand-new MacBooks in the lineup with the unreliable butterfly keyboards for at least another year.

As I wrote, I want to switch back to the Mac but only after they produce a laptop with an entirely new, reliable keyboard. I’ve seen the current keyboard in action and I think I would have pitched my laptop into the sea out of frustration if I had owned one.

John is likely right, it will take the better part of a year to replace all keyboards across the MacBook lines… but I think they should take the hit and roll them all out at once. It will likely cost them a few billion in lost inventory but I think it would be worth it to show everyone how seriously they want to fix this issue.

They won’t. John will be right. And I’ll be on Windows 10 well into 2020.

    @cdevroe I’m typing this on an over five year old MacBook Pro simply because I’m waiting for them to replace the keyboard.

    @adders @cdevroe Eight years for me. (About four years ago, I double-maxed the RAM and put a new SSD in, which is the only reason it’s still usable…)

    For what it’s worth, I do like the keyboard on the newest MacBook Pro. I really like the feel. But it does have problems. It definitely does that thing where it types multiple spaces. Or maybe that’s been fixed? I’m really not sure because even though I like it, I honestly barely use the keyboard on it. 99% of the time, I’m typing on a Magic Keyboard, which I like even better.

    I’m very intrigued by the idea of using an iPad Pro as a full-time device. Right now, it just wouldn’t work for a lot of the stuff I do. But the rumors about what’s coming in iOS 13 makes me think it’s not far from becoming a reality.

    I’ve only used the latest keyboards very briefly but I agree they are nice to use. But that doesn’t matter at all if they don’t work reliably.

    @adders My favorite MBP was the 2012 13″ with Retina display.

    @rnv Relief will come, I hope.

    @cdevroe This is a late 2013 model, but it’s still ahead of the butterfly keyboard ones.

    @cdevroe Oh, I hope so, too. This is absolutely the last year I can keep this thing as my production machine. And my wife’s MBP is a year older than mine. I’m a good home-business IT department, but after a point, there’s only so much I can do with old hardware…


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