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At this point, I would need Apple to abandon the current MacBook keyboard design to even consider buying a new MacBook. I wouldn’t even mind if they simply reverted to a previous reliable design.


macgreg says:

@cdevroe Grant, it should not be necessary, but this could be an alternative to not buying an MBP. Has worked well for me on a Late 2016 model for years:…

jack says:

@cdevroe I already have one so it’s too late for me. Even when it’s working fine, I have never used a keyboard I disliked more. Of course mine’s not working fine now (again).

cdevroe says:

@macgreg I’m using a Dell laptop currently. But I’m thinking of returning to the Mac this year. But I’d really like to see them make a big update in order to do so.

cdevroe says:

@jack I was on a screenshare with a friend recently that has this keyboard and I was so frustrated for him as he was trying to type. I can’t imagine how it must be to use one daily.

matthew says:

@cdevroe My dad was up a few weeks ago and he has my old 13″ Pro, and I had to use it to set somethings up for him and I found that keyboard worse than the latest generation one.

cdevroe says:

@matthew Meaning the keys didn’t work at all?

matthew says:

@cdevroe meaning I prefer the latest generation keyboard, the older one didn’t feel nice to use at all

cdevroe says:

@matthew I’m sure there are those that prefer the feel of the new keyboards. However, the reliability of them is far more important than that.


  • Apple needs to replace the keyboard on all MacBooks this year – Colin Devroe

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