Chris Coleman brings Boba Fett’s Liar back

Chris Coleman, writing about a site he built in the 90s on GeoCities:

I still have two more or less complete versions of the site, along with lots of spare parts from earlier iterations. Today I’m sharing the 1998 and 1999 designs of the site. The content isn’t significantly different between the two, but each one is a unique look into what I was doing with myself on the internet 20 years ago.

This is so fun. As I said, his web site was one of my first personal inspirations for getting into web development, so the fact that he still has all the files and is giving them a home on his domain is awesome.

I too have a lot of files laying around from things I’ve built over the last 20 years and The Internet Archive likely has some too. I should compile some of these things before they are lost forever.

See also his post’s design. It reminds me of when Jason Santa Maria had a design for each of his posts.

    This whole thing ended up being a bigger lift than I had planned, but it’s nice to get it done and out of the way.

    Originally I was going to just do this as a one-off page and link to it from a note, but I found I had a lot more to write than I realized, so I turned it into a post… which meant adding the ability to handle this in my templates, and handling it in my feeds as well. I really got a two-for-one out of this post because I can easily make custom art-directed posts now.

    I plan to eventually write about many, or even *all* of the old pages I still have files for… though I don’t think I care about most of them enough to give them the full treatment.

    And since you mentioned having old files laying around… the internet demands the return of!

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