Chris Coleman returns

Chris Coleman, on his 17-year-old and recently unearthed personal blog:

I want my platform back. I don’t want algorithms or the cacophony to drown it out. If nobody’s going to see what I write, it’s going to be on my terms.

Chris was vital part of my career though he likely doesn’t know it. The first time I saw Photoshop used for web graphics was on his Powerbook. The first time I saw someone use a portable Mac for building cool stuff that had nothing to do with work was him. And the first person I saw combine his interests with the web was him as well. All of these things I hold valuable to everything I do.

In short, Chris taught me by example to work on what you love and use the tools you love to do it.

I’m glad his blog is back. I’m subscribed.


    If nobody’s going to see what I write, it’s going to be on my terms.

    I love that conclusion; thanks for sharing his wisdom with us.

    I’m glad to be back!

    I don’t quite know what it is, but I’m really overflowing with the energy and desire to just do this sort of stuff lately. I think part of it is the satisfaction of moving something out of the backlog and marking it as done.

    I even spent a few weeks playing a bunch of old NES games late last year/early this year, and beating Blaster Master actually felt like I accomplished something I had been avoiding for literally thirty years (also, it gives me something to write about eventually).

    It’s a good feeling and I’m excited to keep it up!


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