Annie Mueller on the merits of the mundane

Annie Mueller:

Maintenance tasks—like washing the dishes, folding the clothes—not only keep the basics of life functioning, but they also honor life itself. We are not too good for any of this. We are blessed to be here. Let me remember this as I wipe the table. Let me remember this as I sweep the floor.

Me, in 2011:

Stop thinking of all of the things you’d rather not do in a negative way. Start thinking of fun ways to make these tasks easier and more enjoyable to do. Who knows, maybe after a few times you’ll start wanting to do them instead of avoiding them!

My advice then was sort of the opposite of Mueller’s. She writes of relishing the mundane. My advice was to quicken it. Take shortcuts. My advice today would be more aligned with Muller’s. Soak life in, one mundane task at a time.

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