Scott McNulty read 101 books this year, what did you do?

Scott McNulty:

I managed to read 101 books this year (that’s over 35,000 pages!), the most I’ve read in a year since I’ve been keeping track.

Don’t forget his tip for reading so much.

Conversely I didn’t do as well as he did on my own personal reading goal. My annual goal is typically 24 or so books – or two books per month. I started off with good intentions but fell short at just 12 books.

Having missed my goal two years in a row – 2017 was 16 books, 2018 was 12 books – I think I’m going to simply readjust my goals. I’m aiming for 12 this year.

I’m not mad or upset with myself. I accomplished a lot this year outside of reading. I prioritized other things. My photography, as an example, I think is markedly better than it was just a few years ago. My capabilities as a designer and as a video editor are better. I hiked a ton. And my basketball game improved a lot. So I have many reasons that missing this goal isn’t at all a cause for self mutilation.

I will however, keep reading books as part of my year goals. I think it is very important to read longer form pieces of media in this small bites of junk food world.

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