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  • Scott McNulty read 101 books this year, what did you do?

    Scott McNulty: I managed to read 101 books this year (that’s over 35,000 pages!), the most I’ve read in a year since I’ve been keeping track. Don’t forget his tip for reading so much. Conversely I didn’t do as well as he did on my own personal reading goal. My annual goal is typically 24…

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  • Scott McNulty on making time to read

    Scott McNulty gets asked about how he reads so many books every year. His answer? You just have to make time for it. You know that time you spend doing something other than reading for pleasure? If you spent that time reading instead, you’d read more. I get asked this same question about building apps,…

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  • Untitled post 1359

    Reading Ready Player One, Downtown Scranton – July 2017 Easily my favorite book this year. Eliza just finished it too. I may want to read it again before the movie comes out.

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