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My friend Frank, who recently loaned me his sweet goggles, has a small aerial footage company called 570 DRONE. Essentially he’s officially certified to fly an UAV professionally. He uses his drone a lot for real estate and also to capture the local area.

I decided, as part of my design challenge, to give him a simple brand identity for his business.

My goal with this identity was to stay away from any clichéd tropes that you see in a lot of these companies. Frank’s business is so easy to understand what it is – 570 DRONE (literally our local area code plus the word drone). So I didn’t want any drone shapes or propellers or anything in it (although I did sketch a few ideas like that)

Here are my really quick sketches:

And here is an artboard or two with random bits and pieces of me trying different ideas and abandoning them.

This process is always fun. I never know what is going to come out of it. And in this particular instance the final logo isn’t anything that originally came from the sketch but from this process of fooling around in Illustrator.

Here is the final logo that I came up with:

Again, I chose something simple because the brand is in the name and the colors I chose were due to him working on construction sites a lot. I also made black and white and inverted versions for him.

Some things I’d like to improve on for next time: I’d like to record my sketching and illustrating and do a video with voice over explaining some of the decisions I’ve made along the way.

Would you like a logo on the cheap? Get in touch.

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