What I saw this week #45: June 30, 2017

As the summer heat rises in our hemisphere it seems that the river of content online dries up to a slow trickle. I wonder if that means I should expect more from our friends Down Under during these months?

Here are a few things that caught my attention:

  • Mars on Google Maps - Google has a jump on helping you find the nearest Starbucks when Elon Musk settles the first Martian village.
  • Computer History Museum video - An interview with key people that created the iPhone 10 years ago including Scott Forstall. Fascinating interview and a laid back interview by Markoff.
  • US River Basins map - A colorful illustration of the various river basins of the US. Gorgeous and educational.
  • Interview with Maciej CegÅ‚owski - The Verge interviews Pinboard's CegÅ‚owski. Main takeaway, as things grow or switch focus it will inevitably alienate some subset of its users. Finding those niches could earn you a nice living.