What I saw this week #40: April 28, 2017

This has been a week full of client meetings so I did less reading on the web than usual. But, here are a few things that come to me as I sit here writing this post on a warm, gorgeous Friday evening.

Amazon's Quarterly report - Amazon is killing it on so many fronts. It makes me feel lazy.

Today at Apple - I think this is very, very big for Apple to be doing. I like it.

Video: Bowling 300 in 90 seconds - Incredible. The excitement he feels at the end shows how hard that was.

Washington Post cuts ad vendors - If an ad network isn't fast enough they'll cut them. Excellent. Now, they should add a policy that disallows tracking and we'll have the Internet we want.

Video: Shin Lim - Amazing slight of hand.

Video search: I'm addicted to Jaja.

Painting with code - AirBNB made a React to Sketch conversion tool. Pretty sweet.

Deep Space Network - NASA has a public site wherein you can see how satellites are communicating with objects millions or billions of miles away.