What I saw this week #37: March 31, 2017

Chrome still won't show me more than two days of browsing history. Unfortunately this week I relied on this bug being fixed. So, for next week I'll keep better track of URLs with Simplenote.

Animation: Comet 41P - Just sliding in front of M108 like nothing.

Video playlist: Making Minimalism - Matt D'Avella is sharing how Minimalism was made.

50 Best Podcasts - Podcasting is, again, seeing a surge. I'm subscribed to and listening to more podcasts than ever.

Breaker - Speaking of podcasts, a new app from Leah Culver (who created Pownce), that is more episode centric than other podcast catchers. I'm still using Overcast day-to-day but I have Breaker installed and am keeping an eye on it.

S-Town - I'm on episode 3. Don't tell me anything.

Planet Earth II - Last night I watched episode 1 of the new series on Blu-ray. Absolutely jaw-dropping.