What I saw this week #32: February 13, 2017

I missed publishing this on Friday so I'm publishing it today.

Roper Game Prototype - Mary Rose Cook showing off again.

Maja KuczyƄska wind freestyle - Humans shouldn't be able to move like this.

VSauce - I scour YouTube daily for new subscriptions. I'm always amazed that I can stumble across a previously unknown channel (esp. one as good as VSauce) that already has 11+M subscribers. How aren't TV execs wetting themselves?

Planet.com - Incredible API/service and technology. I've been watching them for a few years and they are finally hitting their stride.

The music for Stagehand - Cabel Sasser, as always, shares his creativity for the music behind Stagehand the game.

Character Map for The Iliad - The Iliad is on my nightstand right now. Looking forward to having this map for reference.

Geico's pre-roll ads - Fantastic.

Progressive CSS - Cutting-edge browser versions are now able to load CSS progressively. This is long, long overdue.

GVFS - git virtual file system courtesy of MSFT. Again, MSFT is killing it.