David Mead: \”Why is Feedly so hard to use?\”

David Mead writes about Feedly:

There seems no way to see all your feeds in one place, and mange them accordingly. Everything has to be a “collection”. Those only show a few on the screen at any one time. So you have to keep expanding and collapsing boxes to make simple changes. It got to the point where I deleted everything (after an OPML export) and started fresh, but that hasn’t been much easier.

Feedly has gotten worse (for me), not better, since I began paying for it a few years ago. I believe the root cause of Feedly getting worse (again, for me) is due to their pushing out the typical RSS nomenclature I prefer for one that is easier to market to the world at large. Ditching subscriptions for follows and hiding RSS feeds behind "collections", etc. These words are likely easier to understand for people that have never heard of RSS and, in turn, gives Feedly a larger market to grown into. But, that has made Feedly worse for those of us that perfectly well understand what RSS is and like it just the way it is.

For instance, try to find a feed’s URL so that you can edit it in Feedly’s interface. You’ll go mad.

I’m very happy to support a product I use daily and so I continue to pay for it until I find something else. I also report problems to their team over Twitter every time I encounter them (which has been several times). Some of them they’ve addressed, others they’ve said are not an issue.

A good example of something that Feedly chooses to do but that which I’d rather it not is their use of Open Graph tags to pull in an image preview for a link. For feeds like Daring FireballAdactio, or Waxy Links this is maddening. Because they both use DF style links (or, Linklog) they point to external web sites and Feedly loads those preview images. And you cannot turn this off. I’ve reported it more than 4 times but Feedly seems to think this behavior is what they want for their users and so I doubt I’ll see this changed. That is, of course, their prerogative but it is enough to force me to begin looking elsewhere.

If anyone knows of a good cross-platform alternative I’d be happy to start shopping. Perhaps David would too.