What I saw this week #22: December 2, 2016

SwitchResX - A small preference pane for macOS to help you set more specific resolutions for your displays above and beyond what Apple provides by default.

NEPA.js - A new meetup in Scranton, PA for people that want to learn JavaScript.

Lion - A gorgeous photo by Sam Scrimshaw.

Italy, Boat, Wedding - My friend Matt D'Avella made a fun vlog-like video. Matt is one of the people behind the excellent Catalyst.

Open Sublime via Bash on Windows - A good tip for those Windows 10 users just getting used to having Bash native on their computers.

Casey Neistat sells Beme to CNN - He goes into the why in this video. My take? Beme needed a soft landing and using Casey was their surest bet to find a large enough acquirer.

BitBar - Take any constantly updating information (weather, stocks, timer) and put it in macOS menu bar.

Colossus Pixel Art - Jeremy Brown continues to kill it on Twitter with pixel art.

Lightsail - A new hosting platform from Amazon. Everything keeps getting easier and less expensive.