What I saw this week #18: November 4, 2016

My blog scheduled was knocked off tilt this week so this post is two days later than usual. It will be back on schedule this week.

Cinemagraph GIFs - Take a still from a movie and animate just a small portion of it. I've seen these floating around for a few years but just now see they have a name.

Matt D. Smith as Casey Neistat - My boy Matt went full Casey on his vlog.

Up to $650 off Surface Book - If you have a MacBook Pro MSFT will give you up to $650 if you trade it in for a Surface product. Smart.

Jon Hick's illustrations for DuckDuckGo - My default search engine of choice, DuckDuckGo, commissioned Jon Hicks to do some cool illustrations for their home page. I'm looking forward to seeing those pop up in the US soon.

Fan slays on guitar at Green Day concert - I don't play guitar. And I don't know what the equivalent of this sort of thing would be like for me (maybe being asked to come out of the crowed to play in an NBA game?) But this is awesome.

Vine is closed - As if we needed another example to be reminded that at any time, any service we love, especially those that are free-of-charge, can go away in an instant. Hence.

Michael Tsai's "state of the mac" - Lots of great stuff in Tsai's post. Especially the quotes from yours truly.

No no Adobe - This guy at some thing at Adobe may have just given us Creative Cloud's "jump the shark" moment.

Benjamin Button reviews the new MacBook Pro - Great stuff from Maciej.