Is Medium embracing the open web?

Julien Genestoux, founder of Superfeedr, on his company's blog regarding his company being acquired by Medium and how Medium is supporting open protocols already:

At Superfeedr, we’ve promoted the open web by embracing open formats and protocols, such as RSS, Atom, XMPP and PubSubHubbub. Over the years, we’ve also learned that these protocols are only as powerful as the people who promote them. As we want the open web to remain strong, we were delighted to find that the folks at Medium share the same values. And we think that Superfeedr’s acquisition is a powerful indicator of Medium’s support for open protocols. As an example of this, my first commit at Medium was to enable full content RSS feeds both for publications and users (available in your settings). Medium already lets you add your own domain name, import and export all of your posts, point to a canonical URL if you cross-posted, supports DNT… and we’ve started working on more!

Full content RSS feeds is a great step in the right direction. As were Medium's API, use of your own domain name, and canonical URLs. Perhaps Medium will embrace the open web in a way it didn't appear they would before? I'd be very happy to see that.