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Manton Reece, on his blog, on podcasting lock-in, the open web, silos, and more:

While the open web still exists, we really dropped the ball protecting and strengthening it. Fewer people’s first choice for publishing is to start a web site hosted at their own domain. Like the destruction of Pennsylvania Station, sometimes you only know in hindsight that you’ve made a mistake. We were so caught up in Twitter and Facebook that we let the open web crumble. I’m not giving up — I think we can get people excited about blogging and owning their own content again — but it would have been easier if we had realized what we lost earlier.

He’s right. I got caught up in Twitter, Facebook, etc. and put so much effort into those that I lost the spark for my site. Even though I’ve had once since the 90s. I’ve reignited that spark by posting first to my site and then allowing that content to go out through those networks.

However, I could totally see a future where I don’t share to those networks at all again.

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