iPhone SE reviews

The greatest living bearded blogger, Jim Dalrymple, on The Loop:

I still think it’s going to make for an incredible upgrade for those iPhone 5s users, but I also think it’s going to appeal to some current iPhone 6 users. A lot of people upgraded to the newest design for the technology, and of course, to have the latest and greatest.


John “interviewer of Apple executives” Gruber, on Daring Fireball:

I prefer the flat sides. (It stands up!) I prefer the small circular volume buttons. I prefer the power button at the top, rather than directly opposite the volume-up button. I absolutely loathe the camera bump on the 6/6S; the lack of said bump on the SE feels downright luxurious in contrast.

As I hold my iPhone SE today I can say that John is spot on in his review. And as an iPhone 6 user that switched to the iPhone SE I can tell you that I did it for the very same reasons he mentions. The form factor and latest tech. If Apple continues to keep the SE line 12-months behind the standard iPhone I will continue to use the SE. This size is perfect.

Oh, and if you’re wondering; gold, 64GB. The thing is a dream.