Adding tens-of-thousands of photos to a Flickr Group can be tedious

On Kyle’s suggestion I’m using a private Flickr Group for Eliza and I to share our entire photo collection with one another. (related) Pretty simple. This is all we need to do:

  • Upload every photo we’ve ever taken with the Mac uploadr
  • Use the Flickr mobile app to automatically add any new photos to Flickr
  • Move all private photos to the private group

It turns out, that last one is a bit tedious out of the box. The Organize tool that Flickr has is nice… but it doesn’t want you to close it while it does its work. So moving “just” 7,500 images into the private group appears that it will take around 15 minutes. I have around 75,000 images to move. Oy.

Perhaps there is a better way? @cdevroe me.