March Experiment

Matt Cutts does 30 day challenges. He’s famous for it. And I’ve done small things before like #travelfeet, 30 days of blogging, and other things.

Similar to things I’ve tried to do in the past, for the rest of March — not quite 30 days left in it but who cares — I’ll be posting only to my blog.

If I want to share a photo, video, tweet-sized-quip, or anything else I have to share it here. I’m allowed to link to it from elsewhere but not allowed to add any context on any other platform. Just a link.

It should be fun.

Update: @replies too. 😉

Update March 4: I’m going back on my word about no context. I just remembered how much I hate vague tweets that seem like linkbait. So I will add a bit of context to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. when I decide to share there.

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