Thursday Scrapple 5

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  • Writing Space Bits isn’t easy but incredibly rewarding for me personally. I’d love to write more.
  • This has been an incredibly cold February. With March right around the corner I know the cold weather is about to break and I’m sort of thinking that Spring is going to happen far too quickly. I wish time slowed down and sped up at will.
  • We’re simplifying so many things at Plain and I’m really starting to enjoy what we’re doing.
  • Things are in a constant state of flux. People, work, life. It is best to have a long term vision and, even if every piece changes before a goal is met, at least you kept the goal.
  • Something I will not miss when winter is over — dirty floors, cars, shoes.
  • I didn’t see many of the movies, performances, or work that were up for Oscars this year but I did see Eddie Redmayne in The Theory of Everything and I’m glad he was recognized for the role.

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