Speed is the only filter in Instagram Hyperlapse

From a piece in Wired about Instagram’s new app Hyperlapse:

Once you start using the app, you quickly see that replay speed itself becomes a novel, alluring tool: For pets and people, replaying at about 1x gives you the sense that you’re creating a tracking shot like that Copacabana scene in Goodfellas. The higher replay speeds work better for shooting the sky out your airplane window, the scenery scrolling past during a train ride, or anything else that’s moving slowly or at a distance.

I hope people follow this suggested used. Try using 1x or so for human things (pets), higher for things that take a long time (sunsets) or are far away (clouds).

Yesterday, prior to using it myself much, I followed the #hyperlapse hashtag on Twitter and was seeing some pretty terrible videos. Obviously people were simply mucking about with it. But if they had followed the above suggested rules they would have gotten pretty far and had much better results.

Last night, during a paddle at Keen Lake (I’ve posted two photos of this paddle so far: here and here), I was playing around with Hyperlapse — learning its idiosyncrasies. I’m very much looking forward to using this application for many, many things in the near future… not just square crops on Instagram.