We’re in!

Update from yesterday. She was surprised. 😉

We’re in!

Coalwork, the coworking group, podcast, blog, and community that Kyle and I founded over a year ago finally has a place to call home in downtown Scranton. This is Scranton’s first official coworking spot.

I am totally stoked. Not only to see this finally happening but also for the benefits that coworking brings to everyone involved in the community. We’re already seen so much growth in community in our little town (people working together, conversing, generally becoming more aware of each other) and having a space that can act as a “center of gravity” (as Michael O’Boyle put it) is going to accelerate that.

We have 6 full time members, a few part-timers in the wings, and people have already begun dropping in and chatting even before we have moved a lick of furniture in. Just the beginning.

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