An example of how terrible Wix is

Sometimes we’re asked: “How do you compete with Wix, which is free, with Barley CMS?”

My answer is usually “You get what you pay for.”

If you need an example of how terrible Wix is, check this out. A nice watercolorist named Stan submitted his art to my Watercolor Gallery to be featured. He tried to tell me his URL when he filled out my submission form. This is what he wrote.

I have been doing watercolors for 8 years now. My website is www. would like to participate in this gallery.

I thought this was a simple mix up. A typo. But it turns out he is confused as to what his URL is because, well, Wix is terrible.

Stan’s URL isn’t or It is

Have you ever? In your life?

Try Barley. One thing I can promise, it isn’t nearly as terrible as Wix is.

Side note: I’m looking forward to featuring Stan’s amazing work on my gallery soon.