CMS recommendations

There are a lot of CMSes out there now. So what should you use? Should you use just one CMS and live with it for every project? Should you choose different CMSes based on the project your working on? My recommendations for CMSes vary and are biased (since I’m one of the team behind Barley CMS). But here they are anyway:

  • Barley CMS – Use Barley CMS for small/medium sized sites that have pages, blog posts, different content types like photo albums, contact forms, etc. Here is a great third-party testimonial for Barley CMS.
  • WordPress – Use WordPress, with the Barley for WordPress plugin, for more complex web sites that need to be highly customized (think large scale media sites with tons of authors).
  • Cinematico – My friend Jason Schuller has released Cinematico and I think it fits a very important niche. If your company has a YouTube or Vimeo channel and you simply want a web site to showcase those videos (creatives, artists, makers, etc.) then this is a great way to do exactly that. Combining Barley CMS and Cinematico would just be amazing.
  • Ghost – Are you a hacker that would like to have a blog while at the same time learning how to hack a static-file CMS? Ghost is your toy.
  • Craft – Want to download your CMS? If you’re building a very simple site Craft may be your huckleberry.
I think it makes much more sense to use the tool that best suits the needs of the project you’re working on. Barley isn’t right for every project but neither is any other CMS. Try some of these other CMSes out and hopefully you’ll have good results.