Flowhub is "peer-to-peer full-stack visual programming for your fingers".

In other words, you can build applications and services by tapping and dragging and pinching rather than by typing and typing and typing. Pretty cool stuff.

The idea of building applications using a workflow-based graph isn’t new. From Bret Victor’s "The Future of Programming" at this years DBX came a link to Sketchpad from 1963. However, bringing this idea into the modern age due to the ubiquity of touchscreen devices makes very good sense.

Henri Berguis, one of the authors of NoFlo, a Kickstarted project for building graph-based programming interfaces, writes on his blog about the launch of Flowhub:

The role of Flowhub as a service is analogous to what GitHub provides for traditional software development.

I’m very much looking forward to where this will lead. I look at my nieces and nephews and wonder whether or not I should teach them programming the way I learned it or simply give them a way to build stuff using this whole-new way of writing programs.

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