What do you want?

If you could have anything (whether or not it actually exists does not matter) what would it be? Dustin Curtis wrote up some of the things he’d like and a few of them are great. Such as, a device that would detect cancer, a pill that would limit caloric intake daily, and an always on, use anywhere Internet service.

Here are a few of my own though not nearly as far reaching as Curtis’.

I would like to watch any movie, television show (regardless of its country of origin), Internet video, or video I’ve created myself on my TV, tablet, or computer without going through 400 different services or watching commercials for a single monthly price. Think Netflix for everything. I’d probably pay about 20 times more than I do for Netflix if this worked.

I would like to get rid of every wire in the world. No more power lines mucking up our landscapes, no more power chords tangled up in my laptop bag. Just get rid of every wire everywhere.

Since we are getting rid of wires, let’s get rid of batteries too. Or, at least the need to recharge them. Just build devices with power sources that last as long as the lifespan of the device itself. Which, these days, is only a few years.

Self-driving cars. VW, Google, and several other more-than-capable companies are working on this problem and I’m very much looking forward to never driving again.

I’d like a new input device to replace the keyboard. Speech dictation is pretty amazing but doesn’t really work in an office setting. I’d much rather be thinking about this blog post than typing it. I don’t know what will replace the keyboard (touch screens haven’t, they simply put a keyboard on the screen).

OK, one more because, you know, I have to work at some point today.

I would like to be able to download knowledge into my brain Matrix-style. So rather than reading for hours to catch up on the latest news in astronomy I’d much rather just pick a subject, click a button, and instantly have all of the information in my brain and have the ability to put it to use immediately.