What I saw this week #12: November 17, 2013

Late again this week. However, I did manage to get this post out the door. Here are some interesting things I saw this week.

Noisli - Need some nice background noise while you work? I find myself using this every day now. I love that you can combine more than one sound too.

Videos: Roadmap 2013 by GigaOm - GigaOm's recent conference videos.

App: Unibox. - Yet another email application. At least this one looks like it is trying to be different. The more applications popping up in this area the better for the consumer. Choice is good.

Fix your boring slides - Nice tip from Michael Lopp to make sure your slides are displaying correctly before you begin your presentation.

Baremetrics - If you use Stripe (like we do) you'll like Josh Pigford's latest project.

Video: End of Inception De-Coded - Was he dreaming? Wasn't he? This seems like it could be the final word. (Be sure to turn on closed captioning.)

Video: Crazy plane landing, and takeoff, on top of a mountain - Jason Kottke has this one. Unbelievable.

Seattle Cider Company - Great website. There are so many bad websites out there it is nice to see a really well thought out and well designed ones.

Take better notes - This post, and the entire method it links to, is pretty great. It seems like a lot of work but as someone who takes a lot of paper notes I think I'll employ my own version of this for sure.