What I saw this week #11: November 10, 2013

I'm still amazed at how many great things pass over my desk each week even though we've been so busy lately at work. I love how these posts remind me, each week, of how many interesting things there are on this web of ours.

Cisco open sources H.264 - This is a geeky link for this series. However, this is a big deal. The primary way people are watching video on their computers, mobile devices, tablets, and TVs is through the H.264 standard. Until Cisco stepped in it has always been up in the air as to what would happen for companies using this standard. This is a big step to making this video codec completely open like HTML or HTTP.

Thomas Kinkade meets Star Wars - Jeff Bennett takes a classic and mixes it with popular art.

Video: I See Fire by Ed Sheeran - Ed did a song for the ending credits in The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug. It is a pretty great song.

German police recover $1B in art stolen by Nazis - This practically priceless art has been holed up in an apartment for over 70 years. What a find.

App: Interesting - My friend Mike Rundle built an app to show you the best links from the web in several different categories. Nice app to catch up.

Video: Lorde, 2Pac, & Beck Mashup - Pretty great mashup and cool video to boot.

Riding the Hashtag in Social Media Marketing - My friend Gary in the New York Times. Pretty hard to resist linking to it.

A burger manifesto for Ireland - Joanne Cronin thinks the Irish shouldn't settle for a bad burger.

Video: Honey by Scotland's Canteen - New girl band rising up in Scotland.